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Concrete Cutting, Coring and Grinding
Floor Grinder
Electric Floor Grinder A floor grinder for surface preparation and grinding of adhesive residue, paint and spackle on medium-sized concrete areas. The grinding and suction is efficient thanks t
Diamond Blade Rental
Diamond segmented blades are available for cutting concrete, green concrete, stone, brick, block, asphalt, ductile iron, etc. Please be sure to select the correct blade for your application. We
Cut Off Saw Cart
Using the STIHL cut-off saw cart is particularly recommended wherever edges have to be cut with great precision, where the cutting depth must be accurately consistent, or where cutting in long stre
Electric Cut Off Saws
An electric power cutter that enables clean dry cutting without dust or water. The vacuum unit provides superior dust collection, making this machine a market leader. Unlike other electric cutters,
Gas Cut Off Saws
STIHL cut-off saws are indispensable wherever steel, concrete, stone, cast pipes, asphalt and similar materials have to be cut. Thanks to their robust engineering, there is no questioning why they
Concrete Chainsaw
STIHL introduces the new GS 461 Rock Boss™ to the construction market. This machine is built for freehand cutting of construction materials, such as concrete, natural stone, building blocks,
Diamond Core Bits
Husqvarna diamond segmented core bits offer the longest life and lowest cost per hole when drilling a wide range of medium to hard materials with or without steel reinforcing. Also for soft concret
Handheld Core Drill
Handheld Electric Core Drill Husqvarna handheld concrete core drilling units are designed to drill holes in concrete, reinforced concrete, brick/block  and othe masonry substrates. This 12
Core Drill Machine
Electric concrete coring units are designed for core drilling holes in concrete substrates. This 120volt unit has a max drilling diameter of 10". Rental core bits are available in select sizes